Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shear Madness

I had a terrible nightmare last night, one that left me crying uncontrollably in my dream (and in real life as well, since I awoke to a little sea of tears on my pillow).

What was this horrible dream, you might ask?

I went to a salon and a very giant and snooty male stylist cut all my hair off! I was just heartbroken. I told him not to cut it too short and he sheared me like a sheep! It was pretty awful, though in retrospect, one of the funnier nightmares I have had. I'm not quite sure why it made me so emotional.

It's possible my subconscious is still processing the fact that I recently got a haircut, a result of me accidentally-on purpose cutting my own bangs. (I'm very open to the power of suggestion and Corazon cut her bangs a while back. Of course, hers looked super-cute while mine looked like...well, like I cut them myself.)

At any rate, I was glad to find my hair still there when I woke up.


TMC said...

accidentally-on purpose??

City Elf said...

accidentally-on purpose: behaving or acting rashly despite fear of the results (and usually for good reason)due to one's own stupidity, anger, boredom, or other brain-impairing emotions or shortcomings. may apply to certain things done while drunk or after a bad break-up.

"i accidentally-on purpose cut my own bangs. d'oh!"

frank said...

I hate the opposites of these dreams like when you dream you have a whole buncha cool things and you wake up and you don't have a whole buncha cool things.

Yeah. Those suck.

City Elf said...

or you dream you're having sex with someone hot. and then you wake up and you're alone making out with your pillow. that sucks too.

Ninja said...

I hate when that happens... I've gone through soooo many pillows... what?