Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sum of These Days Is My Life

Me: Wendy, I'm kind of freaking out. Ever since I got back from DC, I've been getting really OCD. I can't stop washing my dishes.

Wendy: [laughs] I think you're fine. Wait. Clean ones?

Me: No, but now that you've planted that idea, probably. It's just that at first I needed to wash the dishes every day, and then a few times a day, and now I have to wash every single dish as soon as I'm done using it. Is that normal?

Wendy: [looking around house, which is still fairly dirty despite my "OCD"] Uh, I think you'll be fine. I thought you were going to say something horrible was happening with you. I don't really think your cleaning is excessive yet.

Me: When I was washing my dishes from dinner, I was sort of afraid I was going crazy. And then I thought, maybe this is what adults are like. Maybe this is what adults are SUPPOSED to be like. And somehow that made me way sadder than the idea that I was crazy.


Ninja said...

You're not OCD. But you do have JuneCleaverHarrietNelson-itus. Either that, or you're really compulsive and obsessive about it.....

TMC said...

Imagine an opposite problem... seeing a counterful of dishes and feeling too overwhelmed by them to doing anything about it.

So they just sit there.

And sit.

And eventually you have no clean dishes left. So you stop eating.

Your dishwashing OCD sounds like a fantastic alternative to me. : )

City Elf said...

i've totally had that happen as well. when a dish looks like it's grown it's own little green robe, it's best to just throw it away, in my opinion.