Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Under the Wire

'N' is for 'Nick of Time' - I just got home from the Yelp Elite event at 3 on 4th, featuring mixologist Frankie Oley showing us how to make four different delicious drinks.

Surpisingly enough, I can still type coherently (though it's not easy) and can share with you that Tuaca, Butterscotch Schnappes, and cinnamon taste AMAZING together.

Yay for free booze!


Chromie said...

Did I have that drink? I don't remember. have got to be kidding me...not this morning....ugh.

City Elf said...

it was the last drink, the one you thought was a lil sweet...tasted pretty good to me, though i think i may not have been the best judge of anything by then. ;)

also, i woke up with that hot stuff sticker still on my chest.


Chromie said...

Oh yeah! I think that's what sealed my fate for the night. I do love Tuaca, though. Like how I complain about my drink, but drink it anyway? :D

That's pretty awesome. I at least managed to remove my contacts before passing out.

cesong! Good day to you as well!

leila said...

I'm glad it was a fun event! I did not make it under the wire yesterday and I'm respectfully bowing out of the April contest. Who knew what a PITA I would find the "letters" category to be?? We do still need to go celebrate the March success though. :)