Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Recession Economics

'R' is for 'Responsible', which is how I feel today, oddly enough.

I woke up a little late and decided to work from home until after lunch, completely forgetting that I had an 11 o'clock ergonomic assessment of my workspace. Doesn't sound responsible, but...

Because I only remembered this ten minutes before I was supposed to meet the person doing the assessment, I didn't have time for coffee. That saved me $4.62, including a buck tip. Woohoo! Savin' money.

Later, one of my colleagues came into my office to let me know that we had lunch in the conference room. Free lunch! That saved me about $10. Okay, that wasn't me being responsible, but luck is very similar in my book. And then...

I had leftovers for dinner! That saved me at least another $8. Eating leftovers, totally responsible! (Though I don't recommend three-day old meatball sandwiches. Stick with the day-old Thai food instead.)

So, all told, I spent a whopping $2.40 today on a Diet Coke, a donut, and a lottery ticket.

And when I win the jackpot tomorrow, 'R' will stand for 'Rich'!

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