Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Suck

I full-on realize I am the worst blogger ever. However, if you consider my Yelp reviews, I am at least becoming a more prolific writer. That's good, right?

Here's the latest installment of my life.

Family: I had a really bad week at the start of June, in which the mother of my best friend from childhood passed away, and then my middle sister was hospitalized with what could have been a stroke (we're still not sure what happened.) My sister seems to be doing well, but it's hard to know since she hates going to the doctor and refuses to take it easy - she's a homeschool mommy with seven children who does not know the meaning of the word rest. =( In better news, my favorite nephew graduated from high school, despite all the odds against it, and will be headed to Vincennes in the fall. Yay!

Health: While I've been sick off and on since at least January, the shock and stress of the two events I mentioned above taking place within days of each other made me incredibly ill, and I'm still hacking and coughing, despite feeling much better physically than I did earlier in the month. And my finger still hurts from when I fell on my treadmill a couple of months ago. A friend has recommended a new doctor here in Pasadena and I am going to go, for reals, and get all better!

Fun: I finally took a long-planned trip with Tita to Vegas! We saw Love at the Mirage and it was transcendental. I highly recommend it. I lost all my gambling money, but did get to sit at the blackjack table for a while (losing) and played roulette for the first time ever (won $165 and lost it all.) I also got a Pasadena library card, which should save all the money I have been spending on books so I can shift those funds instead to new clothes. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money at the mall lately. But I look hella good.

Work: Ees good, although right now I'm out of the office on jury duty in a criminal case that makes my head hurt. That's all I'll say about it, or I guess all I can say about it. It's sort of cool to be on an actual case instead of just sitting around waiting for my time to be up in the courthouse, though I can say I wish the judge used our time better.

Yelp: Oh yeah, still Yelpin'. Good times! Here are some of the places I've visited recently...

Zankou Chicken - 3 stars
"Sadly, I was underwhelmed."

Beard Papa's - 4 stars
"Sweet tears of the Baby Jesus, this was a good dessert."

The Mystery Spot - 4 stars
"I have wanted to come here since the very first time I saw one of those yellow MYSTERY SPOT bumper stickers. I knew it would be the MOST EXCITING PLACE EVER. Okay, maybe I over-hyped it a little bit, but it was still fun....Now, I can't testify to what is real or not about this place. For the first 10-15 minutes of the "tour," I can honestly say I thought the extent of the mystery was how I had so easily been separated from my $10."

Waterboy Restaurant - 4 stars
"The extremely handsome bartender Jason and I disagreed over what was the best red wine on the menu, so to solve our differences, he offered a generous pour of five different ones for me to sample. I ended up with a glass of Zinfandel, which wasn't marvelous, but no matter, I was flushed and happy."

Aerosoles - 4 stars
"As I was checking out, I noticed a little sign that read: "Free Shoes, Ask Me How." Well, how could I ignore that? The sweet salesgirl, whose name I would remember if I hadn't had that final shot of Jagermeister at the club, told me that if I hosted a shoe party, I could earn free shoes. She didn't even finish her sentence, because I fell to the floor moaning in ecstasy when she said "shoe party." Were there ever two words that belonged together more? Could it get any better than "shoe party?""

Mezbaan Indian Cuisine - 4 stars
"FINALLY! I was starting to think Pasadena was just cursed with crappy Indian food, and then I found Mezbaan. *loves*"

Natalie Peruvian Seafood Restaurant - 5 stars
"I am so swollen with Peruvian food, beer, and Scoops that I feel like I am carrying a gigantic evil baby in my stomach. Or maybe a gigantic TASTY baby."

Miscellaneous: I'm totally hungry and craving Mezbaan now that I cut and pasted part of that review up there just now. *stomach growling*

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