Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekly Update - Memorial Day, 2007

State of the mind and body: Exhausted! And sore. How is it possible that my sternum hurts? Along with every other part of my body? I ache to the core. I have been traveling non-stop for a couple of weeks, and had planned a barbecue for Sunday without regard to my work schedule. I took Wednesday off to prepare, and cleaned all day Saturday as well. Still, I wasn't ready when the first guests arrived. I've decided the best reason for a boyfriend is to have someone to share all the responsibilities when I host a party. Or maybe I need a wife, hmmm. I am so glad to have the day off; I have done nothing but lie in bed and watch television, though I'm starting to feel better enough to get up and take a walk.

State of the house: Damn, it looks GOOD. New couch and chair in the living room, cute outdoor furniture on the front porch and back patio, and even some perennials blooming outside. I am impressed with myself! Plus my beer fridge is now stocked with beer, AND wine, AND vodka. Score! Now I remember why I like to have parties.

Travel: I think I'm in town all week! Miraculous! Last week I started off in Sacramento on Monday, stayed over at the Vizcaya, traveled to Davis on Tuesday (cute as hell, btw) and flew home. Thursday I left for San Jose, drove to Salinas (stopping at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz on the way, yay!!!), back to SanJo for the night, and then home on Friday. Only Monday night was spent in a completely drunken haze while I was up in Sacramento, but it was well worth it and lots of fun.

Interesting story of the day: "New limbless lizard species discovered" - um, wouldn't that be a snake?

Yelp update: I hit 100 reviews last week, and I got ROTD (review of the day) this week! Very exciting. Some of the places I've reviewed since I last posted here:

City of Los Angeles - 5 stars: In August, I will have lived in Los Angeles* for 15 years. Yes, my longest and most successful relationship has been with a California municipality. * note: I consider everything from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border to be Los Angeles.

Scoops - 5 stars: I actually kept involuntarily making satisfied little "mmmm" noises while eating my ice cream until finally Lovey and Jess asked if my Scoops and I needed a room.

Fox & Goose - 5 stars: I am in serious LUUUUUUURVE with this place. Granted, I was about two and a half sheets to the wind when we arrived here from Chops, but when we walked in, my jaw fell to the floor.

Mr. Smith's - 4 stars: I forgot that SF dudes, especially the ones who are already high, drunk, and/or homeless, like to tell me dirty stories about my ass and what they'd like to do to it. I was on the receiving end of leering, whistling, heavy breathing (hard to do when someone is practically running past you, but this guy was a champ), come-here clapping (as though I was an unruly dog), and various comments on my level of hotness. Good times.

On a serious note: Memorial Day, like so many other holidays meant to give us time to reflect on something of import, has really just become a three-day weekend of barbecues and sales. I am lucky that I have never lost anyone I love to war, but my thoughts are with those families who are missing someone who was willing to give their life for their country.

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