Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We spent the holiday lazing around before heading to our friend Tita's for a barbecue and watching fireworks from her rooftop.

By "we", I mean me and FMC. And by Future Mister Cityelf, I mean we are ENGAGED. Our short-lived breakup proved too much for him to take (okay, I was pretty miserable, too) and he proposed when I returned from my vacation.

We had to resize the itty-bitty size 4 ring he bought me and finally told my parents on Friday night and his parents on Saturday. And now I am telling you, my huge blog-reading audience!

We are planning to get married in late 2007 here in California, despite my mother's fervent wish that I return to the cornfields of Indiana to wed. To the best of my knowledge, there will not be tails, a top hat, a big train, an ice swan, or a tiara involved in our nuptials. But to soothe my mom, maybe we'll serve corn.

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