Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holy Crap!

Since we got Cash in October, we've been taking it on blind faith that he is actually a he, since with neutered cats, it's sort of hard to tell. And because he allegedly had his shots before we adopted him, and we were broke most of the time, we decided to hold off on taking him to the vet until Spike's annual visit came up this August.

There seemed to be indications that Cash is a girl. He's smaller than Spike, and screamier, and has a delicate, wiggly way of walking, and an insatiable, incessant need to be touched, NOW, PLEASE, NOW. Despite this, he often kicks the shit out of Spike. However, he also lets Spike sniff his ass on a regular basis. His true gender identity still needed to be established by the vet, at least for FMC, who felt that we were given a false bill of goods when Cash's previous owner said he was a boy.

But a couple of days ago, Cash was lolling on FMC's lap, as he is wont to do, shoving his small wet nose into FMC's armpit, when I looked down at just the right time and saw irrefutable proof of his, um, tomcathood.

"Look!" I said, excitedly. "He really IS a boy! I saw Spike's winky once and it looked JUST LIKE THAT!" At which point FMC pushed Cash off his lap unceremoniously and disgustedly, but at least now convinced that he's a he.

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