Monday, January 05, 2009

The Magic of Bacon

So over the holidays, the fabulous TMC of Return to Rural welcomed me and Kimba of Kimbaland, along with Kimba's husband J, to her ancestral home to eat turkey soup, watch football, and play Scrabble. Good times were had by all.

During the course of the afternoon, we started discussing bacon. (What, like you don't have a conversation about bacon during every gathering?) Kimba and J mentioned that they had recently eaten bacon cooked with flour, and that it was exceptionally good, extra crispy and very flat.

I was, of course, intrigued. Bacon? Cooked in a manner that would further enhance its natural goodness? I needed to try this. I finally had the opportunity to do so yesterday. AND NOW I AM A BELIEVER. Delicious!

The trick is to add just a little flour - don't dredge it like you're making chicken parmiagiana; just sprinkle some on each side and flip over to lightly coat the bacon strip. Put it in the pan, cook as you normally do, and presto! Extra tasty bacon.

Thank you, TMC, for introducing me to Kimba; and thank you Kimba, for introducing me to better bacon. Please click here to see the manifestation of my gratitude.


TMC said...

You are ridiculously nice with just a dash of goofy! And holy smokes, with a smile that beams like the sun. :)

kimba said...

Of course!! And thank you, my new friend, for the deee-luxe bacon treatment!! NOM NOM NOM BACON