Friday, January 02, 2009

Humble Pie

I bought a sewing machine on Christmas Eve, and I was especially excited because not only did I have a 10% off coupon, it was on sale for $69.99!

Except when I looked at my receipt today, the price was listed as $89.99. WTF? I felt a surge of righteous indignation well up within me. I was screwed out of twenty bucks by Target!

I had to make a return anyways, so I drove to the Target by my house - which is not the Target at which I purchased the sewing machine - only to find out, OF COURSE, that I would need to go to the Pasadena East Target to get information on the sale price. (It was specific to the store, not in the flyer.)

Still seething, I drove to the other Target and went to the sewing machines to confirm that I had seen the sign. And I had! It was $69.99. FROM DECEMBER 21-24. Of course, the sign was up when I bought it, and California law requires merchants to sell the item at the lowest posted price, even if there's an expiration date listed. (God, how do I know these things?)

I was seriously considering standing in line and asking for my $20 refund until I overheard a woman and a man talking in the next aisle. It was clear to me I was listening to the middle of a conversation, but it shamed me nonetheless, because I heard the woman say, "You're at Target just looking for something to buy? I can't even imagine that. That must be like, like, some sort of HOLIDAY. Wow."

And I realized...I do that. I walk into Target with some minor thing I need, and walk out $200 lighter. I wander the music and books sections hoping that something will jump out at me. Sure, I tend to look for things on sale, but spending $12 just because I want to do so is a luxury - a small luxury for me, but it's not for a lot of people. Probably for most people.

I forget sometimes how lucky I am. I never want for anything, other than in the sense of lustful desire for things I don't actually need (a Wii, a bigger kitchen, a Vespa, Christian Bale). I never suffer from hunger; I never shiver from cold because I don't have heat or adequate clothing; I never want for a warm and comfortable bed in which to sleep.

In the grand scheme of things, I am a fortunate daughter of the gods. I'm going to work hard to remember that this year.


hana said...

it's true that we're more fortunate than others. it doesn't change the fact that Target screwed you out of a rebate! get your money back, woman!

TMC said...

Christian Bale?!??! Are you SURE? :)

Pepsi Monster said...


I am hanging by the threads here. Did you bit*hslapped them for that $20 back? Hehehehe