Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mmmm....David Gregory

I was quite happy to read the news of the selection of David Gregory as the new host of Meet the Press. I think Tom Brokaw was a poor choice to serve as interim moderator of the show; as he's gotten older, his conservative bias and general crabbiness has gotten more pronounced. He's less a journalist than a commentator at this point. (I wanted to punch him in the face several times during the presidential campaign, particularly when he "moderated" the second debate.)

However, perhaps the LA Times could learn the difference between "predecessor" and "successor".

“Meet the Press,” the predominant political forum on television, entered a new era today as the network confirmed that David Gregory will take the helm of the NBC program, six months after the death of longtime moderator Tim Russert.

“We lost a legend this summer, and today we hand the program over to someone who has a true appreciation and respect for the 'Meet the Press' legacy, and a keen sense of what it needs to be in the future,” NBC News President Steve Capus said in a statement released this morning.

Interim moderator Tom Brokaw is expected to welcome his predecessor on today's program.

Guess all those cuts take their toll.

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