Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Must Be Drunk

Not only did I willingly go into Starbucks (to buy a gift for the "Secret Santa" exchange at work tomorrow, no less) but I bought a CD. *hangs head in shame*

And it was a Christmas CD! *blushes in mortification*

And I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW. *dies of embarassment*


Craig | fusedreality said...

A Christmas CD? From Starbucks?

tut tut

Don't worry too much, this season does weird things to everybody. Soon you'll be wondering where Yo-Yo's went and if Egg Nog or Milk is better with your cereal. (Milk, no question).

Just be careful where you're leading yourself... You definitely wouldn't want to get into the 'Christmas Cheer'--would you?

Bah, humbug.

TMC said...

no no no no no no no.

Just no.

City Elf said...

mmm, egg nog...maybe not in my cereal though. this is the best eggnog in the world:

tmc, i sang along with a christmas tune this morning in the car. *blushes*

Deceon said...

I'm not sure Wendy "Bah humbug" Tien will be friends with you anymore...