Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

I am drinking hot cocoa before I go to bed. I believe this means summer is over. Weather, you have been officially put on notice.

I have made dinner at home twice in a row. Well, tonight I actually ate leftovers, and both nights I made salads, so perhaps "assembled" is a better word. But whatever, yay for me!

I am so getting shit done this week with doctor appointments and workers comp follow-up and insurance stuff and all that sort of nonsense. It's life's busy work but it is making me feel productive.

My shoulder still hurts like a mofo but Vicodin is helping. Surprisingly enough, so is Extra Strength Tylenol, and in fact, doing so way better than the copious numbers of Advil I was popping up until this afternoon. I'm still sort of afraid all the pain relievers I've been taking are going to either eat through my stomach lining or ruin my kidneys, though. In semi-related news, if you have a headache, those people in the Excedrin commercials are not effing around with you. That stuff works.

I bought the new Thomas Friedman book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, and I'm very excited to read it. Not so much so that I'll start it tonight (because I don't want to read it all drowsy-like) but nonetheless quite eager.

Since this is all pretty random stuff, I'll end by saying Richard Lewis was on my connecting flight (Phoenix to Burbank) on my way home from DC. I somehow think the minor porn star sitting next to me was recognized by more people than he was.


TMC said...

00000 Excedrin! They try to wrap it up in smooth gel but it's harsh and it's fabulous. I have it with me always. Even its name sounds jagged. I love it.

City Elf said...

it's the brawler of otc pain meds. doesn't work on everything, unfortunately, but my worst headaches are only solved by a couple of excedrin.

the tylenol extra strength i bought boasts on the box of a sweet coating. wth? it's not candy, it's medicine!