Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Best Weekend Ever?

I have eaten nothing exciting over the last few days, mostly due to being sick. As much as I love my yellow curry, I'm a little curried out after having it three days in a row. I could go for some honey pork from Daisy Mint, though. Mmmm, apple salsa...

Fortunately for me, I will be attending the Grilled Cheese Invitational this weekend and can look forward to a vast array of delicious cheesey sandwiches. Totally worth the lactose-intolerance induced agony I'm sure I'll be in for the remainder of the weekend. I'll just have to work through it though, because I'm going to the LA Wine Fest on Sunday. Wine! Cheese! Plus I'm seeing Ricky Gervais live on Friday night!

Damn, I need to hurry up and get well.


leila said...

Yay Ricky Gervais! I'll be at the Saturday show. (Which means 25 Degrees burgers either before or after the show.)

City Elf said...

i was going to be there on saturday, but had to swap out my tix so i could go to the grilled cheese party. thanks for the idea on where to get dinner! now i'm craving a burger. *drooling*