Thursday, June 12, 2008


"A toothpick is the cowboy's friend, and it can be your friend, too." - one of the hygienists at my dentist's office speaking to a patient in the next cubicle

"Would you let your child suckle on a cow that had just been rolling around in the pasture?" - a man on NPR who is apparently opposed to raw milk

"Well, we get along about one out of every four weekends." - man in the elevator, nonchalantly describing to a friend what I envision as a very miserable relationship with his girlfriend

"A little credenza frottage never hurt anyone." - not exactly overheard, but it made me laugh very hard when I read it over at A Collection of Odd.

...and on a related amusing note, Blogger doesn't recognize the word frottage. Apparently they need more sexual deviants working there.

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