Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Put A Number On It

So the insurance company for the motorcyclist who hit me recently (it turned out he was insured - yay!) has finally contacted me and they are trying to work out how much they want to give me for being injured.

Now, keeping in mind that my medical bills are being paid by worker's comp, I haven't had too much in the way of out of pocket costs. However, I did have to take a sick day that I would have preferred to have for a time when I was actually sick instead of just in agonizing pain. (And by "sick", I mean, of course, "hungover".) I've had a few other costs, like towing my car. And despite feeling really lucky to have escaped with only a back/shoulder injury, I am in a lot of pain these days.

I'm exhausted all the time but I'm not sleeping that well. I'm taking pain relievers every day that don't do that much good; going through physical therapy that helps while it's happening but hasn't yet made me feel much better; generally anxious about driving; and feeling anti-social. I haven't been able to work out with Melody in over a month. The only reason I went on my vacation home was because I knew that would make me feel better - if I'd had plans to go to Hawaii, I definitely would have cancelled.

How do they put a price on something like what I'm feeling? How is it possible to say that the pain, stress, and exhaustion I feel is worth a certain amount of money? Bah! And grr! And *sad little sigh*.

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Deceon said...

I know it's cynical, but but insurance companies are heartless conniving bastards, so in the immortal words of Steve Miller " Go ooonnn, take the money and run - woot woot whoo"