Saturday, April 26, 2008

'K' Is For 'Kvetch'

My back, neck, and arm hurt a lot today. :(

I had a party to go to in Manhattan Beach, but I wasn't up for driving that far on the freeway, considering I didn't feel that great. (I'm also a little nervous about going out of my comfort zone right now, and that would include driving any more than a few minutes on the freeway.) My friend Aíme also had a show tonight in Downtown that I wanted to see, but ultimately, I decided I needed to stay home and rest. I'm bummed I missed his show since I haven't seen him perform live in a long time, but hopefullly he'll be on stage again soon.

I have nothing interesting to say today. I am tired and sore and the muscle relaxants aren't helping that much. To top it all off, I have PMS.

However, tomorrow I'm going to view some houses with my despite feeling yucky right now, I have something to look forward to tomorrow afternoon.

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