Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Certain Fondness

The Ex drove up on Sunday to see me. After we enjoyed a late breakfast at Andy's, he chauffeured me around town to look for a grill. We went to three stores before heading back to Target (the first store we visited, of course) to buy a Thermos Patio Chef Grill. 410 square inches of cooking surface and 26,500 BTUs, on sale for $80 this week - woohoo! It came with a free cover, but unfortunately, without a propane tank, so we had to drive back to OSH to buy one. D'oh!

We returned to my place and spent the next two hours building the damn thing. Who knew a grill had so many pieces? I was so glad he helped me, because I don't know if I'd have been able to assemble it alone. (I probably would have called Michael and begged for his manly assistance.)

At any rate, after all we've gone through over the past year, spending a day like this together was just...nice. My sister often says she has no idea how or why the guys I date tend to stick around for years after our breakups. (She found it hilarious that I had Easter dinner with the Ex and my besty, who's also an ex.) I wonder myself sometimes, but mostly, I just feel lucky.


I Luv Tomago said...

Heh - you would *think* you'd ask Michael on grill assemblage, when in reality, I was the head grill assemblar for both grills!

City Elf said...

i'm such a sexist! i should have guessed that you would be my go-to girl for grill assembly. (even tho michael did put together my fan.) i am looking forward to having you guys over for dinner soon.