Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today's list: stuff I know that I am hoping you don't, so that I look smart.

DID YOU KNOW...that if you can't remember on which side of the car the gas tank is located, you can look at the fuel indicator and you should see a little arrow next to the gas pump symbol...and that little arrow will point you in the right direction? This is very useful on rental cars. (Also, yes, I drive my car until I'm on empty.)

DID YOU KNOW...that Bed Bath and Beyond accepts expired coupons? And also multiple coupons?

DID YOU KNOW...that Tu Ciudad magazine is currently offering free one-year subscriptions?

DID YOU KNOW...that In-N-Out has a NEAPOLITAN MILKSHAKE? And you will want to marry it and have little milkshake babies.

Hmmm, looking at this short list, it appears that fully half of my knowledge comes from Yelp. It's a good thing I spend so much time on there.

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