Monday, March 24, 2008


Stuff that causes me gastrointenstinal distress:

* garlic
* spicy food
* pretty much any dairy product

Stuff I had for dinner:

* Spicy Eggplant with chicken (rife with garlic)
* Thai iced tea (lots of condensed milk)
* Fried ice cream

Um, yeah, my stomach hates me.


Marni said...

awwww. this is a sad post. drink some chamomile tea.

City Elf said...

don't feel too sorry for me; i got to enjoy a meal at daisy mint. :)

Deceon said...

Glutton for punishment. I bet there were secret evil onions in that iced tea...

City Elf said...

nope, it was yummy! i could only drink half of it, tho.