Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Serious Sadness

My favorite television channel ever has disappeared. The International Music Feed was purchased by Ovation TV (yeah, that stupid opera and ballet channel) and officially ceased programming today. I am so miserable right now I could just cry.

I know it sounds like a silly reason to be upset, but the International Music Feed played some of the most amazing videos from bands from around the world. Watching IMF made me more passionate about music than I've been since I was in high school.

The videos I've posted up lately have been ones I first spotted on IMF that just gave me joy when I saw them. One of the small pleasures in life recently has been coming home and turning on the tube to watch World's Best Videos, and now that's gone forever.


In honor of the demise of what was one of the finest channels to ever grace our airwaves, I am posting the last video I saw on IMF.

The band is Tokyo Police Club and the song is Citizens of Tomorrow.

(No we can't)

See the ruins of the old world below
That's what our ancestors left us.
Our robot masters will know
How to clean this mess up
And build a better world
For man and machine alike
For the boys and the girls
Who are slaves building spaceships at night
In the fluorescent light.
That's 2009.

(No we can't, No we won't, No we can't, No we won't)

On cold frosty Martian mornings
The chill on my breath is red
Redder than my mother's blood
When she turned to me and said
"This is not how we planned it
But we've gotten ahead of ourselves
Computers rule the planet
And the moon and Mars as well
We lost the fight"
That's 2009.

I have a microchip
Implanted in my heart
So if I try to escape
The robots will blow me apart
And my limbs will go flying
And land before the ones that I love
Who would wail and would weep
But the robots would keep them at bay
While I shut my eyes
For the very last time.
Citizens of tomorrow, be forewarned.


Ontario Emperor said...

I've seen a few passioned critiques of Ovation TV - some of which I can even quote publicly without being accused of profanity - but yours was the most thorough critique of what made IMF so special. I was especially interested in the show "One World," since that was the one place where you could always see international videos. Earlier this morning I was toying around with the idea of starting a free online petition, but the fact remains that only a passionate few appeared to care about IMF. However, you can register your own thoughts to Ovation via their feedback page at I've also blogged about this, beginning with a post at

City Elf said...

thanks so much! i'll definitely contact ovation; your post was right on.