Friday, October 12, 2007

I Think I Would Have Noticed That

So my handyman Sergio is over at the house today, fixing my gate, which has been broken since I moved in last November. He's a really nice guy - he's originally from Spain and speaks perfect English, though with a slight accent which I find really cute.

In addition to my broken gate, I've had issues recently with some sort of animal digging holes around the foundation of the house. I thought it might be a skunk, so I asked Sergio to fill the holes with dirt, hoping whatever it was would take the hint and go away.

On a semi-related note, several months ago, I had a party and during the drunken festivities, a portion of the brick patio behind my house caved in and revealed a large-ish hole beneath it. Sergio came and bricked it back up and it was as though it had never happened.

I asked him about that hole today, wondering out loud what it might have been underneath there. (I always secretly thought it was some sort of gnome dungeon beneath my house.)

"Oh," he said, "it was probably an animal, too."

"That makes sense," I replied. "I guess it could have been a burrow."

He shook his head slowly and said, "No, I think that would be too big."

I was lost for a moment until I realized he thought I meant a BURRO. Like a donkey. I started giggling because I thought he was joking around, until the quizzical look on his face tipped me off that he had no idea what was so funny.

"No, no," I said, trying hard to stop convulsing with laughter. "Not a burro, a burrow - that's another word for an animal den."

"Ohhhh," he said sheepishly. "That makes sense."

"Though it would have been REALLY cool if there was a burro under my house."

"Yeah, but it probably would have woken you up with the hee-haw, hee-haw."

God, I love that guy.

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