Monday, April 09, 2007

Spending All My Money

Woohoo! It's bonus week at work and my fat check comes on Friday. Unfortunately, I already committed myself to paying off my one big credit card debt, and I owe taxes this year (bitch's tit!) so when all is said and done, I'm down to about an eighth of the pre-tax amount. Still, it's a good chunk of green, so this is how I'm spoiling myself and spending all that hard-earned cash:

  • Massage at Burke Williams
  • Weekend in Northern California with Christy for wine tasting and assorted other debauchery
  • June trip to Vegas with Tita to see Love
  • New shoes! New shoes! New shoes!
  • Sessions with a personal trainer (not as exciting as new shoes, but more necessary, perhaps)
I'm also considering putting some cash down on a new car, as I'm pretty sure someone put a curse on mine. I'm not set on anything in particular, though I do like the Scion tC...

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