Monday, February 12, 2007

Who's at Zona Rosa on a Saturday Night

  • The darkly sexy man behind the counter

  • The woman behind the counter who looks like she belongs on a Contadina label (in a very good way)

  • Annoying guy asking for a breva ("Do you know how to make that? You start by putting turbinado sugar at the bottom of the cup..." He ended up drinking drip coffee, btw.)

  • Two girls who spent an entire hour texting someone on one of their phones and arguing about what to write

  • A trio of friends who looked like they're either grad students at Cal Tech or employees at JPL, one of whom was completely and utterly stoned (though his friends seemed oblivious to this)

  • Me, reading Henry Miller and people-watching
Oddly enough, just people-watching and drinking a latte was one of the nicer Saturday nights I've had this year.

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