Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I had dinner at a co-worker's house tonight along with his partner and their 4-year-old son. We had leftover from-scratch chicken soup with homemade noodles - uh, can you say amazing? His partner made a nice salad of greens, heirloom tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, dried apricots, and Italian dressing. We also had big-ass buttery Grands! biscuits. The whole meal was quite delicious.

This got me to thinking: I subscribe to no fewer than three food magazines and allegedly enjoy cooking. However, I have no idea how other people keep their refrigerators stocked with groceries and make meals from scratch. Over the last five days, I've made brownies, scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, and Grands! biscuits. Let's see, that means I "cooked" or "baked":

1 dessert from a mix, adding only water, oil, and egg;
1 item which only involved cracking a shell and mixing the insides in a hot pan;
1 item which was already fully cooked when I bought it and only needed reheating on the stovetop;
and 1 item that involved opening one of those scary biscuit tubes and sticking the contents in a hot oven.

I'm a regular Martha Stewart these days!

* - I know I keep writing Grands! I just like the exclamation mark.

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