Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday

We actually woke up at a decent hour and went to The Coffee Cup (aka The Cup) for breakfast for the first time in weeks. Afterwards, I was jonesing to go garage saling and so we headed up to Lakewood. Despite numerous signs advertising garage sales, there were none to be found. Not to be thwarted, I headed back down to our neighborhood and drove around aimlessly until we found a few.

The first one seemed to be selling only fireman's coats. A Homeland Security going-out-of-business sale, perhaps? We skipped this one and headed down towards 3rd Street. We found another sale, mostly with kid junk and a few bikes. Bikes were big this weekend. The next sale also had a bike and some furniture, so we picked up a sort of small entry cabinet. It's a nice old piney piece, and it was only $7! What a steal. I couldn't pass that one up.

Then we tried to get into an open house to no avail, since the term "open" doesn't really apply when no one is inside and the door is locked. FMC was a good enough sport to call the number listed out front and found out the ungodly price ($729K) that we couldn't afford even if we each sold a kidney. *Sigh* Then we went to one more garage sale and totally hit paydirt!

We've been looking at bike racks for a few weeks, since we've recently started riding a lot more. I was ready to buy one from a local shop on Redondo for $160, but FMC wanted to wait to find a really good price. And what a smart choice that was! We found a Yakima three-bike rack for TEN DOLLARS! I sort of feel like I couldn't have planned that any better, since this will hopefully motivate him to continue going to garage sales with me on the weekends.

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