Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Curse of the Hut

Okay, maybe I'm not cut out for this blogging nonsense, seeing as how I'm a lazy jerk who thinks about writing but never does it. Or, maybe I'm such a great blogger that I can only post when I have extremely interesting things to say!

Except I never post those things, because I forget them, and then I post about other stuff instead.

Today I'd like to post about the proliferation of places called "(Something) Hut" (besides Pizza Hut, which, not to go off topic, we feel should provide us with frequent pizza miles, given that we order from them 2-3 times a week.) I'm not complaining about all these Huts, but one would think business owners could be more creative. Here in Long Beach, we have a nearly endless supply of Huts.

One time, FMC and I were driving down the street and I saw the Taco Hut. The name struck me someplace deep in my heart and I was moved to poetry: "Taco Hut in the Taco Butt!" I found this utterly hilarious; FMC, well, not so much. Since then, I regularly share new Hut poetry based on what Huts I've recently driven by, such as Java Hut in the Java Butt, or the Fashion Hut in the Fashion Butt, or Sunglass Hut in the Sunglass Butt. It never gets old.

The only finding that has simultaneously amused and saddened me was in Indiana, when we saw a cigarette store called The Butt Hut. I mean, it's a great name, but come on...it was already poetry.

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