Monday, April 25, 2005


I have a limited set of sites that I visit regularly, even fewer every day. My refined tastes (read: liberal bias and inability to access porn from work), combined with the instant gratification 24-hour news cycle to which I have become accustomed, result in times when not enough updating goes on to satisfy my lust for news, gossip, political discourse, partisan insults, sartorial snark, pictures of nipple slippage, or stories about Chuck/Leta/Jon/pooping.

During these times, I hunt fruitlessly for new content, returning to old pages hoping for updates, reading Daily Kos diaries and becoming more embittered with the state of the world, the current Administration, and my failure to afford TiVo so that I can watch television instead of read blogs.

But today, I found DC Media Girl, thanks to James Wolcott. Fresh new content! Intelligent lefty girl-blog! chocolate for PMS. I am happy.

P.S. Yes, I realize the irony of someone who posts like four times a month during a prolific period complaining about other people not posting enough.

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