Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Do Over!

I called a do-over on my blogroll because, quite frankly, it sucked.

I've completely scrapped the old list and rebuilt it based on what I read every day. The Los Angeles Times is first only because it is my hometown paper, but L.A. Observed gives me a better rundown of what is interesting or important to me. The Roundup is also politically relevant (though mostly related to California) and snarky in a wonkish way.

Dooce always makes me laugh and I get the feeling that if I wore a button with Leta's picture on it, people would stop me on the street because they recognize her from Heather's blog. Boing Boing always has cool stuff and Fafblog - well, who doesn't love Fafblog?

Most everything else is a political link, but you should check out Woot! if you like to shop and are rendered nearly senseless by sales. There's only one item posted per day, but I still find it almost impossible not to buy stuff I really don't need because of the prices.

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