Friday, January 28, 2005


FMC and I are watching the Sci Fi channel (on a Friday night...*sigh*...we are geeks) and a commercial just came on for Chupacabra: Dark Seas. The ad was muddled, especially because I was only paying half attention, but I saw a series of images including a goat, a screaming woman, a big boat, open water, and a chupacabra.

For those not in the Mexican-know, a chupacabra, also known as a goat-sucker, is a mythical animal that is believed to kill goats and drain their blood. It looks a little like a gremlin (the movie character, not the car) and to the best of my knowledge is a land-based creature.

So only having seen a little bit of the commercial, I was confused and I shouted at the television (a time-honored tradition to cure confusion or anger in my home), "What the hell? He's a chupacabra, not SpongeBob Square Pants!"

Especially because I don't think chupacabras are gay...but I should probably check with Dr. Dobson.

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