Wednesday, November 03, 2004

To Everything There Is A Season

I guess this was just our season to lose.

I've felt like crap since last night. Went to bed feeling like crap, woke up feeling like crap, turned on CNN and really felt like crap, and then cried.

I was really angry and disappointed that Kerry conceded so quickly but I understood his reasoning. It was tough to watch, though, given that I truly felt if situations were reversed, the Repugs would be suing in a heartbeat.

At work, I felt depressed, but a colleague, citing Jewish tradition, brought us doughnuts as we sat shiva for our candidate and the hopes we had for the next four years. Doughnuts helped, as did leftover Halloween candy, Italian cookies, mango sorbet, and green tea mochi ice cream. What can I say, I sugar my sorrows to death.

Driving home, I burst into tears again. I quickly went from depressed to angry. I had a shouting match with my best friend on the telephone when he criticized the Kerry campaign; later in the evening, I honked furiously and repeatedly at a driver who swerved into my lane and drove too slowly. I should have felt ashamed when future Mr. Cityelf pointed out that the man was not trying to annoy me - his car was breaking down in Sepulveda rush hour traffic - but somehow I felt better instead. Misery loves company.

It's going to take some time before I can fully cope with the realization that we have four more years of Bush. But I'm feeling better than I did earlier, and I extend my sincere apologies if you were the guy with the broken car that I abused with my horn (and my middle finger.)

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