Sunday, October 10, 2004

Meet Me in St. Louis

Friday night's debate wasn't the blowout that the first debate was, but once again, Kerry proved knowledgable and unflappable. Furious George blew his top, at the moderator Charlie Gibson no less, and couldn't name even one mistake (when asked to name three) that he has made over the past four years. Kerry won and you can look for him to clean up at Wednesday night's debate on domestic issues. He just keeps getting stronger.

The best part of my night? I called my dad in Indiana to say happy birthday right after the debate ended. My parents were both watching the coverage and my mom, who has been voting Republican since the mid-1990s based on her staunch pro-life beliefs, was in the Kerry camp. "Bush lied and lied," she said. "Kerry definitely won." I got off the phone and did a dance around the living room. If Kerry can convert my mom, we're gonna win this thing.

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