Monday, October 25, 2004

I Feel Sick

Ugh...I'm at home with the flu today, feeling as though my head has been stuffed with cotton, nails, and mucus, like some sort of evil pinata. But that's not the reason for the headline.

The real reason is this. I tried to calm myself by thinking, well, thyroid cancer is among the most treatable forms of cancer. Then I visited AMERICAblog...

Want to scare yourself for a moment? Think about this. Let's say that Rehnquist is at a minimum incapacitated, at worst, dies. This will leave a vacancy on the court with a clear 4-4 split. Now let's think about another 2000 style election challenge, where the Supreme Court will no doubt be needed to make a final call. Well, who's going to break the tie if Rehnquist isn't there? Moreover, what would the nation do in the event of a contested election with no Supreme Court able to break the deadlock? Think about that one over dinner tonight. Sleep well...
And I thought I felt ill when I woke up this morning.

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