Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Happy Westwood/Sad Westwood

In the spirit of LAist's "Good Grove/Bad Grove", I present to you "Happy Westwood/Sad Westwood", a play in three acts. No, actually, it's just an update on what's happening in the Village.

In Happy Westwood news, Peet's Coffee has finally opened. Sullen smokers with laptops have been congregating at the outdoor tables, asses twitching. This is their way of expressing happiness. But they have so much more to twitch about besides just good coffee. Peet's is throwing a grand opening party with free coffee tastings (which they call "cuppings") this Friday and Saturday from 9am to 4pm. It doesn't get much happier than free coffee. Twitch away, sullen smokers.

In Sad Westwood news, via L.A. Observed, the Mann Plaza on Glendon Avenue has closed its doors. There were mixed reactions to this closure among my colleagues, one of whom said she hadn't been there in 30 years (!) and one of whom said he never understood how it stayed open at all. My first and only foray into the Mann Plaza was just a few weeks ago, when future Mr. Cityelf and I saw Garden State. So long, Mann Plaza - we hardly knew ye.

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