Sunday, November 09, 2008

You Say Tomato, I Say Persimmon

Conversation between me and Wendy on the way to the ladies room after too much wine at Madeleine's Wine Bar on Election Night

Me: Is that a plate of tomatoes? *hic*

Wendy: They're persimmons! Not tomatoes.

Me: Should I take one? Are they any good?

Wendy: Here, take this one, it looks ripe.

Me: I better not, I think they're for decoration.

Wendy: No, take it! Take it! It's ripe!

Me: Okay, fine. Let's go. (puts ripe persimmon in purse)

The next day

Me: What the hell is this orange stuff all over my sunglasses case? (wipes it off)

Me: What the hell is orange stuff this all over my wallet? Did I drop pasta sauce in here? (wipes it off)

Me: OMG, there's an exploded persimmon in my purse! (eats a little bit and finds it quite delicious)

The moral of the story: do not put ripe fruit in your purse when you are drunk. Also persimmons taste good.


TMC said...

You're a dork.


City Elf said...

i'm okay with that, as long as i amuse you. ;)

Clumsy Navigator said...

Mmmm - i bet it was yummy anyways!

Kirsten said...

Persimmons are one of the most awesome fruits ever. There's a Korean drink made by stewing dried persimmons and ginger together and adding nature's gift to teeth, sugar, to the mix. Heavenly!!!

City Elf said...

omg, kirsten, i need to try that drink!!!! ginger is one of my favorite things ever, and i can only imagine that persimmons + ginger + sugar = AMAZING.