Saturday, November 01, 2008

Día de la City Elf

Yay! It's finally my birthday!

I'm old, but I totally don't care. I still love having a whole day that's all about me (though I am sure some of my ex-boyfriends and probably my siblings would argue that I think EVERY day is all about me) and I definitely will never get tired of cake.

I'm having dinner with some of my lovelies tonight, and should be cooking and cleaning even at this late hour, but the lure of my new boyfriend the Internet is strong.

I have spent the entire day doing exactly as I pleased (even though most of it was pretty boring, to be quite honest) which was my birthday gift to myself. That, and also I paid off my car...take that, bank bitches! Happy birthday to me!


renee said...

i find that when i spend my days as i please, things are real quiet (code: boring).
we are getting old.
but who cares?
have an awesome day!

TMC said...

feliz cumpleaños, mi amiga!

City Elf said...

thank you (both) quite kindly!

renee, quiet and boring are where it's at. we old folks know this. ;)

adrienne said...

happy birthday, city elf, hope you had a great day. did you get a phonebot greeting from your Councilman to mark the occasion?

City Elf said...

hey, thanks, adrienne! no, i live in pasadena, so no exciting phonebot. let me guess: you live in labonge's district? that sounds like the sort of thing he'd do. :)