Friday, October 24, 2008

Not To Brag...

But I'm going to see Paul Krugman (who was recently awarded the Economics Nobel) speak at RAND tonight. Yay!

As my friend Diana, who is my lucky date, wrote to me, "Nothing says 'crazy Friday night' like a talk on economics!"

I fully realize I'm a nerd. But so what? I embrace my nerdiness!


TMC said...

Whoa, you're so smrt. I've got my fingers crossed that there'll be a reception at which you might meet a handsome up and coming (omg) economist you could introduce to your jelly bean.

*head hung to hide bright red cheeks*


City Elf said...

oh my! there was a reception, and there was a cute boy, but i was with a friend so i didn't talk to him. i have no idea if he was an economist. ;)

hana said...

nerds are hot.