Friday, October 24, 2008

Next She'll Admit To Watching Ellen

From CNN:

Also Thursday, Palin addressed the Republican National Committee's purchase of $150,000 in pricey clothing for her, telling the Chicago Tribune that most of the clothes are still in her campaign airplane.

The designer clothing she has worn, she said, will be returned, auctioned off or donated to charity.

"If people knew how Todd and I and our kids shop so frugally. My favorite shop is a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska, called Out of the Closet," she said. "It is not Fifth Avenue-type of shopping."

OUT OF THE CLOSET? Why does Sarah Palin support the radical left-wing terrorist socialist subversive homosexual agenda?


renee said...

i love it!

Tori said...

Wow that is ironic...though I think you've got the wrong link. Aren't those shops in CA? Is this what she was referring to?

Either way, totally ironic!

Nice blog too, I like your layout!