Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can't Stop Messing With The Danger Zone

Good Lord, I need to get laid. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to wake up one morning and find my clitoris* laying on the floor, the victim of a tragic onanistic accident, or even worse, rubbed clean off like a pencil eraser.

If only JJ had the proper equipment, I could stop searching for the perfect mate (or lay) and settle down. *sigh*

* Sorry to my readers who don't want to read in gory detail about my no-no zone. But did you know there isn't a decent synonym for clitoris? I'm not about to call it my "pink jelly bean".


TMC said...

ew ew eeeeeewwww! You're stomping all over my midwestern red-state modest sensibilities with all this bajingo talk.

That said, if you decide to go on the prowl, just be careful, ok? : )

jjomomma said...

I DO have the right equipment, it is just not attached to my body.

Love the pink jelly bean euphemism...I think it's a keeper. It so much more friendlier than pearl on the half shell.

City Elf said...

tmc, bajingo! *laugh* that cracked me up all day.

jj, sorry, i'm looking for the equipment to come standard and attached.

pink jelly bean just makes me think of jelly bellies. mmm, cotton candy jelly bean...okay, now i'm feeling conflicted...