Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Accidental Vegetarian

I just realized I haven't consumed any meat since Saturday night. (Of course, in a fit of protein-deficient mania that night, I ate a Wendy's hamburger [and a Krispy Kreme donut] but still, it was three whole days ago!)

I'm not on a diet or anything. I actually don't do diets, because they make me crabby and hungry and sleepy, which, come to think of it, is how I usually feel, only moreso. However, I am trying to eat healthier and have discovered I really like salads, so I'm eating them once or twice a day. I make them at home using copious amounts of baby spinach and lots of vegetables from the farmers market, plus sunflower seeds because they are the best thing ever on salads.

Without realizing it, I've actually started eating less every day and sometimes finish a salad and don't have something else for my "real" meal. (Originally, I would start with a salad and have a small portion of something else - a sandwich or some pasta.) I've also been having oatmeal for breakfast every day, mostly because my cholesterol is still higher than it should be, and eating a piece of fruit or two most days.

I haven't gone crazy with this health kick - I still have something sweet every day, even if it's just a couple of miniature chocolates - but I am excited that I've lost five pounds without trying, or even exercising. (Which is kind of sad, because I really want/need to exercise. I've been busy and admittedly lazy.)

Anyhow, it's sort of cool to realize that I am eating a lot less meat. I feel better and I think I look healthier and best of all, I'm reducing my carbon footprint. Yay, me!


TMC said...

Your intuitive-eating meter sounds like it's right on track. Mine still needs some tuning as it keeps telling me that processed cheeze food is delicious.

I hope your innards are feeling better. : )

Ninja said...

If people stop eating meat, cows would over run the Earth, and they produce Carbon Dioxide, and Methane gas. Plus they poo all over. The overall carbon footprint would go up. As well as the "I stepped in a pile of poo" footprint.