Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tastes Like Ass

Michael and Wendy invited me over for a barbecue on Sunday night, and for fun, they got me to try the vile San Pelligrino Chinotto drink they bought from Galco.

The stuff is so nasty - it looks like Coke but it tastes horrendous, almost like a thwarted, terrible, poisonous, and (worst of all) non-alcoholic Jagermeister. It's bitter and herbal. We actually didn't believe it was made from citrus, as was claimed on the label, but a Wiki search shows that it is made from the fruit of the "myrtle-leaved" orange tree. (Don't ask me about the quotes; I'm just telling you what Wikipedia told me.)

Anyhow, don't let anyone trick you into drinking it. No es bueno.


Deceon said...

no es bueno

City Elf said...

you tricked me! no more buying weird drinks without googling them first, please.

Deceon said...

Come on! Where is your sense of adventure and the unknown?