Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stuff I Love

Welcome to a new feature here at City Elf, 'Stuff I Love'. It's just what you think it is.

I am a total brand-loyalist. If a product works well for me, I will buy it in bulk. I will stockpile coupons for it. I will hector stores that don't carry it to order it for me. I will rave about it to everyone I know. Thus, I want to share with you a few products that I use all the time and absolutely adore.

* Thomas O'Brien Vintage Modern bath towels in Deep Chocolate from Target - I actually just bought these a month ago and they are my favorite towels ever. Super soft, super absorbent, and surprisingly affordable.

* Johnson's Baby Lotion - I am allergic to 90% of skin products AND I have really dry skin. It took me forever to find a lotion I could use every day, but Johnson's baby lotion is a dream. It doesn't cause me to spontaneously break out in hives and also leaves my skin soft, plus I smell like a baby! When this is on sale ($2.99 or less), I've been known to buy six bottles at a time.

* MD Formulations Glycare Acne Gel - Yes, it's $30 for a 2.5 oz tube, but it's SO worth it. It lasts forever (I've probably had my current tube for 2 years) and works amazingly well when I start to get a pimple. (Aren't I a little old for pimples anyways?) I don't use it as a mask or anything; it's just spot treatment.

* Fresh Step Perfume & Dye Free scoopable cat litter - After trying dozens of litters over the years, I finally have one that clumps really well, doesn't track, AND doesn't stink. Tidy Cat, by the way, SUCKS ASS. This is probably why they have a coupon in the paper for it every week.

* Boots No 7 High Shine Lip Gloss in Berry - To be honest, I'm not sure I got all the girl chromosomes I should have been allotted in the womb, as I can only achieve two hairstyles (straight or up in a ponytail) and have about as much skill with makeup as Bozo the Clown, God rest his soul. I have to have really good products to hide my shortcomings. This lip gloss fits the bill - great color, extra glossy, and less than $8 at Target, plus easy to apply because it comes with a little wand and one of those soft applicator tips (not the brush kind). I keep it in my purse all the time and use it if I need to look fancy. (Is it sad that I consider putting on lip gloss the equivalent of slipping into an evening gown?)

Hey, why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be out buying these products - if not for yourself, for me? Go jump start the economy, you!


TMC said...

Where would I find this evening gown-esque lip gloss? Is it goof proof? I'm no fashionista... feel like a fraud if I wear anything other than colorless Burt's Bees.

And as an aside, related to nothin', I'm from LB, CA and now live in IN. I might should've given it a second thought before I did it...

You make me laugh. I sure do appreciate it. :)

City Elf said...

oh, i'll edit to say where, but it's at target! man, is that my favorite store or what.

started reading your blog after your last comment - you're the newest addition to the blogroll! where is samsara? i grew up in northeast indiana.

ruth said...

Hey, I totally admired your hand towels during your BBQ! Not even kidding.

City Elf said...

why, thank you, ruth! i strive to have my hand towels admired by guests. (they are really soft, aren't they!)