Friday, July 18, 2008

Look! A Wagon Wheel!

I have been remiss in my food blogging duties, as I failed to mention any of the grilled cheese concoctions I consumed last Saturday night.

I arrived with a cooler full of ice, a bottle of wine, and popsicles left over from the previous week. Unfortunately, there weren't any sandwiches ready when I walked in. I stood around for a bit complaining about being hungry and hoping someone would make one for me, but no one did. I finally gave in and made my own using some Gruyère that Corazon brought, sliced tomatoes, and the garlic/rosemary olive oil that Sofia made. Ohhh, nom nom tasty.

Then Nick started making open-faced grilled cheese on Texas toast with cheddar. Also quite delicious! Corazon made a Gruyère, garlic spread, and sliced apple grilled cheese with a Parmesan crust bacon (sorry for the memory lapse, darling) that was divine. I kind of blacked out on cheese at this point and don't remember any other sandwiches, though I'm sure I tasted a few more. (The blackout may also be attributed to the half bottle of Stella Rosa wine I drank.)

Based on this event, I have decided I would like to marry a cheesemonger. Not only would he give me unlimited access to cheese, but isn't that the coolest job title ever?


Chromie said...

I'm used to you being a lot less subtle, and my being a little tipsy didn't help.

But I do know for sure that the sammy I made you was the garlic paste with apples, gruyere, and the rest of the bacon I managed to save, cooked in the bacon's own grease. The parmesan must have been a Lovey concoction.

A cheesemonger is much cooler a job title than a fishmonger. sgqmpo - something the latter probably would catch.

City Elf said...

the bacon you managed to save...from me?