Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Was Deceived!

I popped my Tommy's cherry tonight, only because I was already driving and wanted a quick burger. I didn't go to In-N-Out because there are always like a dozen cars in the drive-through and I just wanted to hurry up and go home.

To my credit, I didn't get any chili on my order, yet it was still disgusting. The burger was flat and semi-burnt; the bun was both stale and overtoasted. How can they have been in business for sixty years selling this crap?

Next time I'll just wait in line at INO - at least I'll get a Neapolitan shake out of it, and not just heartburn.


Deceon said...

Ugggh, I so agree with your assessment of Tommy, though I will reserve total judgement until I have a burger from the original location - which I'm not planning on doing anytime soon. I still haven't had Fatburger!

frank said...

Having a Tommy burger without chili is like asking for sex but 'hold the genitals.'

City Elf said...

fatburger puts every place else to shame.

frank, it already tasted like genitals.

Gear Girl said...

Having a Tommy burger WITH chili is like having sex, but having to fake the orgasm.