Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Donut Man

I've wanted to try the strawberry donut from The Donut Man for over a year. I still haven't had one, but I need to try to make it out to Glendora this week, as it's the last week of the season.

However, thanks to the ever-fabulous Masa, I did try the peach donut from there tonight during Bill's birthday celebration tonight. I don't think the fruit is perfectly ripe yet - the peaches were a tad firmer than I would have liked - but man, those are some damn tasty (and huge) donuts.

It's a good thing I'm planning on running with Bill and Jenny tomorrow night. I've had way too much good stuff to eat this week.


Holly said...

Lucky! I still haven't had one either. I'm probably too late for strawberry, huh?

City Elf said...

alas, too late! we'll have to wait until next year. the season starts in february. uye? ;)

Holly said...

Yeah, since it's in, like, Egypt, I definitely need to plan ahead :)