Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Day After, Part II

I still have a ridiculous number of hot dogs left at my house (compounded by the fact that we started to run out and I had Fran and Sofia pick up more) and quite a lot of wine. On the upside, we drank 90% of the beer I had on hand. On the up-upside, I mysteriously have an entire bottle of dark rum that someone brought! On the down-upside, the 42 Below honey vodka Frank's friend brought was delicious, but we drank it all. And on the down-downside, I am exhausted and my throat hurts. The end.


Mintykins said...

Hahah, I brought the Whaler's rum and a half dozen limes!

City Elf said...

i should have guessed. you are très cool!