Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Cuppa Joe

How is it that I make coffee every single day and yet I can't make it taste the same every day? I certainly don't understand how people can consistently make bad coffee, but I also don't understand how I can't consistently make good coffee. Some days it's so perfect I want to shake myself until I confess what I did to achieve something so delicious. Other days, like today, I want to give myself a kick in the shin for making it so strong my esophagus spasms when I drink it. Perhaps this is a solid argument for buying the coffeemaker that takes pods.


frank said...

If you grind your own coffee, inconsistent coffee is a result of quakers. I'm serious. "Quakers are underdeveloped coffee beans that accidentally make it through the manufacturing process."

Now, if you don't grind your own coffee, your mug is haunted.

oh_marco said...

Whoa. I feel like such a copycat, but then again, I just read this.