Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad Burger Mojo

There's almost nothing worse than a crappy burger, except for a crappy overpriced burger. I've had a couple in the last few weeks.

The first was at the celebratory dinner that Leila and I shared in honor of having completed the March NaBloPoMo. The company was stellar, but the burger, not so much. We went to the Larchmont Grill on a Wednesday, which is Burger Night. I ordered the Kobe Beef burger on a sourdough roll expecting to be blown away. While the burger wasn't bad, it also wasn't even close to great. I was expecting something much more flavorful. This was a mediocre burger at a ridiculous price.

The second letdown was at 25 Degrees last Friday night. I had very high hopes, but once again, the burger was nothing special. They should be ashamed to serve completely unseasoned ground sirloin. Even the Midnight Moon cheese and roasted tomatoes I ordered as toppings couldn't liven it up. To add insult to injury, the meat was overcooked and slightly dry. A cow gave its life for this? The fries were ass-kickingly good, but that doesn't excuse the burger travesty.

To apologize to my taste buds, I went to Fatburger yesterday and had a plain hamburger. It was perfectly cooked, still hot from the grill, and deliciously juicy. Larchmont Grill and 25 Degrees, perhaps you should visit and take notes.

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