Sunday, July 20, 2008

Although I Also Thought There Would Be More Recess

Corazon and I had Tarantino's for dinner on Friday night. As we were eating, I mentioned that I usually have pizza once a week. (This could explain why twice-a-week sessions with Melody aren't making me any skinnier.) Corazon thought that was totally awesome, which made me realize: a) I really am awesome; b) I need more friends who admire me for having so little self-control that I eat pizza once a week; and c) along with eating dessert first, eating pizza once a week was always kind of my dream of what being a grown-up would be like.


Anonymous said...

Ryan and have pizza AT LEAST once a week too!!

City Elf said...

see, that's why i love you guys. that and his mom's christmas cookies.