Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've Had Weirder Conversations

I called my insurance adjuster today to take care of a couple of issues related to my rental car costs and the way my body shop has been a pain in the ass, forcing me to take Bumpy back in repeatedly because they forget about things or screw things up.

My adjuster ROCKS. His name is Joseph and he is seriously the sweetest guy ever, plus he's really smart and empathetic. He should be a therapist or something. (He actually told me he's going to law school and I can totally picture him fighting for the poor and disadvantaged.) At any rate, I was pretty frustrated and PMSing and generally on the verge of tears when I was explaining the hassles I've been through these past couple of weeks.

I was telling him that I just couldn't understand why people are such fuck-ups and can't just do their jobs. At one point, I blurted out, "Seriously, by this time I thought there'd be a lot more robots doing these types of jobs so I wouldn't have to deal with incompetent people!"

Very calmly, he replied, "Come on, you've seen the Matrix and I, Robot. You know that they'd become self-aware and then cause us nothing but problems. We'd probably end up with rasta robots."

Rasta. Robots. I might have to marry this guy.

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